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Why You Should Use Screen Share Software to Hold Sales Meetings AND How to Set Up Zoom Meetings for FREE…

Have you ever set up a meeting and had to go back and forth to not only settle on a time but trade phone numbers, etc.? If so, you can relate. I used to do that and it was not only a total manual process with a lot of wasted back and forth time, but I was not as effective as I could have been because I found myself having to set up a follow up appointment to do a screen share when I could have handled it in that call with an online meeting and calendar link set up and integrated.

Click here to get instructions for how to sign up and configure your free Calendly online scheduling account

Also, I think it comes across as much more professional and allows you to do business easier by sending over a scheduling link which allows your prospect to book into your calendar AND gives them a screen share "room" that they can join.

Even if you are just marketing locally, an online meeting session with camera capabilities helps you save time in having to get in the car and meet a prospect in person.  If you are running late, or have some work in your office you have to accomplish, you can save yourself the time by just using a widely accepted practice of online meeting platforms readily available.  

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While there are a lot of different platforms to use, you can take your pick.  

In this article, I am going to go over some common screen share tools and discuss Zoom meetings.  I use Zoom and have been for a few years and can tell you it is one of the better ones that I have used.

There are other tools out there and I have tried several but I do recommend Zoom because not only is the pricing extremely reasonable, but you can set yourself up with a free account that will host a 45 minute session indefinitely for free.  This is normally good enough until you get to making regular income and can afford a monthly subscription.

Here's a breakdown of some different tools you can use (several free choices) as well as my take (based on experience of using them).


There are actually two flavors of Skype, there is the free version which I use and most small businesses use, then there is Skype For Business which was formerly an app called Lync. I have used free Skype, and Skype for Business and I can tell you that Skype For Business is actually not that bad. I found it easy to use, and it never had bandwidth or seemed to crash like free Skype often does. 

The biggest problem I have with doing screen shares with free Skype is that it is unstable, and depending on bandwidth on either side, it can easily stop working.

That is very bad and appears unprofessional in my opinion. I try to stay away from professional meetings on Skype if possible.

Now I will say I never had an issue with Skype for Business. Here is a good breakdown of what you get with Skype for Business. Current pricing is just a few dollars a month which is reasonable for the service.  Here is  a good write-up on Skype for business over at PC World:


I have used about 10 years ago so the company has been around and it seems to have evolved a bit.  They do have a free trial and it is pretty easy to use. Back in the day, it never used to have video conference capabilities, but it seems that it does have some video capabilities now and it does have pretty decent screen share abilities.

For about $10usd per month to start it is not a bad option. It doesn't have things such as whiteboard or a lot of other bells and whistles, but is a decent alternative. They do offer a free trial if you wanted to check them out. Join.Me


I personally use zoom and at my other company, ConnectDingo, all of our sales reps use Zoom. We have a corporate account and provide our sales reps with a monthly subscription to Zoom.

I have found zoom to be stable, easy to use and integrate with calendar features as well as easy to record sessions as well. I can't say enough about Zoom.

The pricing is comparable to but in my opinion, you get a ton more features, and their support is superb.

Zoom does offer a free version which will hold up to 100 participants. The big caveat is the meeting time is limited to just 40 minutes. 

You can get Zoom for $14.99 per month which will give you meetings longer than the free 40 minutes. If you do training sessions, or hold meetings longer than 40 minutes, you would probably want to go ahead and get a pro account for $14.99 per month.

If you are just getting started and can limit your meetings to just 40 minutes, a free account is a good way to go.

Our bookkeeper used Zoom free for the longest time until she built a client base large enough to justify the cost of a paid zoom account.

Here are the step by step instructions for signing up and configuring your free Zoom account:

How to get a free version of Zoom you can use indefinitely

Step 1: Go To The Zoom Url (

Step 2: Enter Your Email And Click Sign Up.

Step 3: Confirm The Email You Entered And Click Sign Up

A message appears informing you that a confirmation email has been sent to your email address

Step 4: Open Your Email And Click The Link That Says Click Here To Activate Your Account

Step 5: The Activate Your Account Page Appears In Your Browser, and it has 3 steps:  Account Information, this is where you Enter Your First Name, Last Name, Password, and confirm password then Click Continue

Step 6: Invite Colleagues, You have an option to add another email and click invite OR skip this step (let us click skip this step for now).

Step 7: You can see your personal meeting URL, Click Go to My Account

Step 8: Go to your profile in zoom and update your profile photo by uploading a decent image of yourself.

Once you have completed those steps, you will have successfully signed up for a free zoom account!

You will find this tool invaluable in making you appear that much more professional in the eyes of your prospects as well as much for efficient in your appointments.

Once you get your zoom and scheduler configured, drop the link to schedule appointments into your LinkedIn profile. I can't tell you how many appointments I would get that would book straight from my profile. You can also put it on your website as a way for people to contact you.

For more information on how to use LinkedIn to book appointments, check out my blog post here which provides a step by step breakdown of exactly how our sales reps use LinkedIn to generate appointments and make sales.

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