LinkedIn Engagement Strategy That Will Get You The Results You Want

How To Engage On LinkedIn That Will Get You The Results You Want – 5 Methods That Really Work!

I must admit- I have been on LinkedIn since 2007 and engaging on LinkedIn has never been tough for me.  Anytime I want appointments, I can get them. I talk to, consult, coach, advise a lot of LinkedIn users, agency owners, social media consultants, as well as those just getting started with LinkedIn.

There are those that struggle with engagement on LinkedIn, and those that get appointments and deals without really trying. In performing a quick analysis of why some are successful, and why some are not so successful- a few things are self evident.

This article is not a how to but rather a look into ways you can engage to see results on LinkedIn. Now I want to preface this article by saying, I use LinkedIn to network and market my products/services. My sole purpose on LinkedIn is to network and engage, to add value, find people who we can use my products or services. With that being said, this article is written from a marketing perspective and how to market on LinkedIn through engagement.

The first and quickest way to engage on LinkedIn is by adding value. This is done in a number of ways:

  • Thank and welcome people for connecting with you- This a great way to start a relationship and is really LinkedIn speak for "nice to meet you".
  • You have to understand that LinkedIn is its own eco-system with its very own etiquette and rules. Once someone connects with you- immediately send them a message by hitting the message button under their profile picture and simply telling them thanks for being a part of your network.
linkedin engagement strategy
  • As an added benefit, if you genuinely would extend an introduction to someone within your network that is not in their network, extend that act of kindness. It goes a long way.
  • Work your notifications - LinkedIn is great at reminding us of who we should reach out to when there is an event to celebrate such as birthdays, people moving to new positions, or work anniversaries to celebrate.
  •  When you see LinkedIn make a notification to you, reach out to those 1st level connections and write a personalized congrats message they go along way towards making connections feel like the connection is- somewhat meaningful.
linkedin engagement strategy
  • When writing the notification response message, (i.e., birthday, congrats on new job, congrats on work anniversary), try to make the stand out and you will get a ton of responses back. I know of one consultant who uses this cool strategy: For his birthday month, he sent a message pointing to the fact that his birthday was the same month. He wrote something like: Hi__________, from a fellow May birthday holder, I wanted to wish you the very best not only birthday but birth month. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way. He then signed the message just like you would with an email signature name, email, and website/calendar link. He got 6 appointments just from that one strategy alone! The notification type of messages are designed to engage, build relationships, and move the conversations forward.
  •  Post content and comment on others content- If you want to build authority, then posting content (even curated/other peoples content) is a great way to establish yourself as somewhat of an authority as long as the content, is good meaningful, and credible. By engaging with others by commenting and liking your network's content, you build trust, start conversations, and stay top of mind. LinkedIn appears to be making moves to "close" their content down - meaning the want people to stay on their site. A neat workaround is to find content that you think would be great to share and your network would get a lot out of it. Then grab the link and create an internal LinkedIn blog post. The only thing you will put on that blog post is the link to the sharable content. Publish that as a blog post. Then when you share, share the link to the internal LinkedIn blog post, not the original content. One of our consultants had his views on his content go from several hundred to several thousand just by that one strategy alone.
Engaging On LinkedIn
  • View Profiles and play LinkedIn Peekaboo- While this strategy has often been abused, it is a valid and very good strategy that you don't need to do very much of to get results- IF you target your profile viewing to your target audience (prospective leads/prospects). How it works is you literally click on someone's profile and view it. Statistically what happens is that around 20% of those whose profiles you have viewed, will play peekaboo and look back at yours. Think about it, it's like driving people to your profile- if your profile acts as a good representation of what you do and what you are about, a relationship, and engagement can occur. If there is a match between need and services, a sale can happen.
  • Reactivate  current first level connections you haven't spoken to or interacted with in a while- If you are like me with over 13k connections, there is no way I can stay engaged with all of them. What I can do, is reach out to the ones most relevant to me and my services asking for a quick meeting or quick discussion to see if there are some synergies. To give you an example of how effective that is I recently sent out a blast to my existing 1st level connections inside LinkedIn. I sent them to my target audience but only 100 messages. The response is I got 10 booked appointments, 1 sale via our funnel without any engagement at all, 5 conversations that resulted in me sending a replay of our major marketing piece the sales demo- that turned into 2 more booked appointments. All from 100 messages to my first level connections that I never engaged or had conversations with before- totally cold. A 17% response rate is pretty good if you ask me.

I really believe LinkedIn is a hidden goldmine for those ready for it. You need to know who your audience is, what services you offer specifically, and have a sales process for when you get someone on a call. If you have those things in place, marketing or developing a marketing plan on LinkedIn (assuming your audience is on LinkedIn) should be a natural next step.

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