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How To Create 3 Lead Magnets That Your Prospects Will Love

We have all heard that lead magnets help build our list. Just about everyone that is doing any type of list building offers some type of lead magnet. A lead magnet can consist of many different things, strategy sessions, e-books, video courses, infographics, free giveaways, and I could go on and on.

The question I wrestled with and want to share today is really what lead magnet should we offer and the psychology behind developing (or outsourcing) a lead magnet that will be extremely valuable to your prospect, establish you as a person that knows what they are talking about, and will make it so they will want to be on your list and stay on your list.

Why Offer A Lead Magnet Anyway?

Firstly,  developing a lead magnet does a few things for you. It establishes your expertise and knowledge, and provides value to your target audience.

If we break it down to its bare essence, lead gen/ finding new prospects/getting new customers boils down to these 2 concepts:

  • Find out what your audience wants/needs.
  • Really, truly help them get what they want/need.

If that is all you did in a genuine way full of truth and integrity, you would have more business than you would know what to do with.

The problem lies in how to let your prospects know your knowledge, honest intentions, and expertise to your target audience? The only way to do it is through communication.

Which leads to more problems. Mainly, how can we communicate all that to a website visitor? We can make sure our website copy reflects our business, but what about the trust component? How can we communicate in such a way to build trust with our website visitor?

One of the easiest ways  to communicate your true intentions, knowledge, and expertise is through developing lead magnets as an entry point into that communication stream which will let your prospect know that you are there to help them in any way you can. You want them to feel confident in knowledge and expertise, and ability to give them what they want/need. 

Secondly, by providing a highly actionable lead magnet, you can make sure you give huge value from the beginning, and just carry that throughout your communications with your prospects in your marketing funnel.

What Used To Be Easy Is Now Harder

Lead generation via lead magnet download has become extremely competitive You used to be able to offer a simple ebook, or PDF, or report would be very effective in capturing emails and generating leads. That was back in the day…

Now, it’s a completely different story.

Consumers have gotten smart. They know that if they give you their email address in exchange for a "PDF", the PDF is probably going to be something crappy they could have gotten by doing a search AND they know they are going to get marketed too.

If they make the mistake of providing you their email, they fear facing a relentless barrage of emails promoting and promoting without them getting any real value.

As a result, there are less and less visitors to your website/landing page that are willing to give up their email address, even though they can unsubscribe. It's a hassle.

Have you ever gotten on an email list only to start getting emails from people you don't know? No wonder we are skeptical and don't want to give our email to some slick marketer giving away an eBook or PDF.

Bottom Line, We As Consumers Are Willing To Part With Our Email Addresses Less And Less.

So you have to ask yourself, what  type of lead magnet could you offer that would make it of such great value that your prospect is willing against better judgment and risk being relentlessly marketed too willing to opt in and give you their email address in exchange?

Tough sell right?

And if they are willing to opt-in, you better have something of immense value to offer. I had to learn this the hard way.

Let's take a look at how to create an awesome lead magnet, one that will make people want to actually download your content and hear more from you. 

We will also discuss the practical aspect of how to put one together, or outsource it if you need to.

The Lead's Mindset and Why You want To Over-Deliver Above All Things

Let's get in the mind of your audience. Why? Because hopefully, that is who you are trying to go after. Remember from the buyer journey and customer avatar blog posts, the only reason your lead is poking around the internet looking for information is that they are in some form of pain or have a need.

They're Googling, going to forums, visiting Facebook, trying to gather information.  The lead's mindset is, "I have a problem and need to figure out a solution."

Depending on where they are in their buyer journey, will depend on what type of answers they are looking for.

If you have completed your ideal customer avatar, you will know the buyer's deep pain points, and the negative experience they would have if they didn't get that problem solved.

Let's work this out with an example:

Let us pretend that I wanted to work with contractors/HVAC/Plumbing companies. I know from my research and doing my avatar, with that niche (we will just call that niche plumbers to keep it easy) it's all about getting the phone to ring. Most are very reactive and have to keep the phone ringing. They typically don't have processes in place for follow up or backend marketing automation so they can communicate with existing or past customers to try to get easy repeat business. With that niche, its all about making the pone ring.

My avatar homework has helped me realize that their biggest fear is what would happen if the phone quit ringing. It is so competitive, adwords are so expensive, the bigger players have deeper pockets and can outspend them, if they don't get the phone calls, they won't get the leads, they will probably have to begin letting workers go, and its' a hassle laying off and then when it gets busy to re-hire or find new people.

It's total feast famine, react mode, and they suffer from massive fluctuations with cashflow week to week. 

Given this situation, what type of information do you think they want to see? Some PLR ebook you purchased about Facebook marketing?

Here is what you want to do, develop or get developed lead magnets that will help answer this question, "Will the product or service you are selling solve my problem."

To get inside the head of the owner of that Plumbing company, they probably process the information more like this, " Will your __________(insert your product or service, Facebook marketing, PPC, voice drops, email marketing, etc.) cause my phone to ring consistently so that I won't be in a constant state of crisis, worrying about having to let my best plumbers go."

Given this scenario, it's easier to see what the quality of the lead magnet they would be willing to download should look like. The kind that will help them realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Depending  on where they are in their buyer journey will depend on what information they will find valuable when.

Let's take a look at this illustration to see what that would look like:

lead magnets

If we look at the chart from left to right, we have at the very beginning where the buyer recognizes their need all the way to the far right where problem is solved, basically life is good.

Remember when I mentioned at the very beginning, that all you have to do is find out what they need and help them get it? We have a continuum of that exact process.

As the lead is moving closer towards problem solved, they are doing research, reading, downloading, getting presentations, talking to solution providers, getting follow ups, etc.

Now here is the rub, if you can help show them how to get to their nirvana at the far right, you build trust, position yourself, virtually wiping away the competition.

What If you Provided Helpful, High Value Lead Magnets Along The Way?

Taking this illustration as an example, let's say you sell lead generation through Facebook Marketing. Your competition is every other type of marketing/lead generation service out there during the beginning of our imaginary Plumber's buyers journey. Basically who positions themselves better at first places themselves at the top of the heap.

Because there are a variety of ways different marketing strategies can make the phone ring, at first, you will be competing against all the research the lead is doing.

What you want to do is position yourself from the very beginning. 

As we move from left to right, we see the lead is researching looking at different things, reading different websites, whitepapers, downloads, etc.

What if you gave them what they were looking for? Think about it, they want leads, they want the phone to ring.

What if you gave them a partial solution to their problem. In my illustration, I provide the example of actually showing them how they can right now start to develop a custom audience so that their targeting will be spot on.

Now remember that at this point, they haven't settled on Facebook ads.

That's precisely my point. With this example of a lead magnet, you can introduce them to Facebook as an effective lead generation method AND what they can do right now to get their targeting so spot on, they are virtually guaranteed success.

If you did something like that, what do you think your lead's opinion of you would be? Do you think you would rise above your competition who is probably offering a PLR eBook?

As we move even further to the right of this continuum chart, you see your lead still poking around, looking for answers.

They are probably deciding on a lead gen method, and are looking for providers. What if you had a 2nd lead magnet that showed how a similar company got killer results, AND you included a step by step how to guide?

What do you think their opinion would be of you then? Now while all this is happening, after they download, remember you can continue to communicate to them, offering them helpful advice, giving value, subtly asking if they would like to set up a quick call to see if Facebook Advertising is a viable option for them.

Do you think your odds have increased greatly if you followed that methodology?

You Want To Blow Your Lead Away With The Quality of The Lead Magnet

What's the rule of thumb when it comes to lead magnets?

I like to go with, what would blow me away if I were requesting this lead magnet. Then I create the lead magnet to hopefully rise to that standard.

Bottom line, you want to create a lead magnet that will set you up as an expert. If you do that, the rest of the process not only becomes easier, but you will land more clients effortlessly as well as gain and build credibility and trust.

While we have seen and are used to the typical single lead magnet model I like to start with a minimum of 3 lead magnets and here's why…

Why 3 Lead Magnets Is Important For Increased Lead Generation

Given that the average landing page converts cold from a website visitor at about 3-5%, I follow the logic that I want to give someone who has visited my site so much value and give them the opportunity to opt in, no matter where they are in their buyer's journey. That's why I like the 3 lead magnet approach.

The idea is to develop 3 distinctly different lead magnets, for the same audience but just in different places in their buyer journey as shown in the infographic above.

I have created a buyer's journey content matrix that gives some ideas for what type of content people find useful at different stages in the buyer's journey. You can go to the article and download it here - How The Buyer’s Journey and Sales Process Should Be In Sync For More Sales

If you create the 3 different lead magnets that helps your lead in the beginning, middle, and end of their buyer's journey, you position yourself better than 98% of the other marketers out there who purchase PLR and pass them off as quality lead magnets.

How do you go about creating these lead magnets?

The first thing you want to do is to figure out your buyer's pain. If you haven't read any of my other articles, the first thing you should do is complete your customer avatar. If you need help doing this, then go to my article on how to complete your buyer's avatar. It is a very in-depth article, but it takes you through exactly how to complete your buyers avatar step by step. You can get to the article here -  Why You Should Create A Customer Persona..

Once you have your customer avatar completed and you know what your ideal prospect's pain and desires are, you are ready to figure out what lead magnets to create or have created.

I have created a fill in the blank infographic where you can work through your avatar's buyer journey, and their end goal. Once you complete that, you will be able to follow the video and nail down the type of lead magnets your buyers will love.

Now not everyone is a writer or content developer. I get that. Should that prevent you from creating or getting a lead magnet created for you? 

Not if you want to stand above your competition. I know that most are saying, "I am not a content creator, how can I go about creating a lead magnet?"

Figuring out exactly what lead magnets to create is half the battle. If you are not a content creator, I would recommend outsourcing this task to someone who has experience developing lead magnets. A lead magnet does not have to be the size of an amazon kindle, it can be a cheat sheet, checklist, infographic, video, and many other content types of value. 

If this is your first time figuring out and developing lead magnets and you don't have the money, I would stick to simple lead magnets still of value such as checklists, cheatsheets with screenshots, step by step "how to" processes. 

If you have the knowledge and expertise in your field, then these should be easy to complete - at least a rough bulleted list where you could hand it off to someone to finish and make it look pretty with your branding. 

If three lead magnets are overwhelming, then start with one, just know that you will only capture leads who are at a particular stage of the buyers journey, and quite possibly will be missing out on those that are in different stages looking for different information. 

At any rate, one really good lead magnet is better than three crappy ones. Check out the video below where I go over the lead magnet process. Enjoy! 

It is my hope that you set aside the time and work through the lead magnet worksheet. Let me know how it goes and stay purposeful!

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