How to Build a List of 1000 Subscribers Using Only LinkedIn

How to Build a List of 1000 Subscribers Using Only LinkedIn So You Can Earn a 6 Figure Per Year Income…

Why would you want to build a list of 1k subscribers? We have all heard other marketers tell us in their emails (somehow we "ended" up on their lists:) to build a list, build a list, build a list.

I remember hearing that phrase probably at least 1-2 times daily. I also remember thinking that it was this big, complex, difficult task and required that I build a list of 10k or something like that before I would ever see any benefit from the list.

I remember talking myself out of the work it would take to build that list back in the day…

I have left so much money on the table. It was only after seeing the power of having a list, respecting your list, and treating your list with the respect that they as people deserve, that I became a true believer.

Here's why you should build a list of 1k subscribers:

I honestly believe and know this from real world experience, that you can build a list of only about 1k subscribers, and if you do the things you should do with your list, (not abuse them by multiple pointless offers everyday) you will have a 6 figure per year business. Let's break it down:

It is no secret that you can build a list to 1k pretty rapidly using LinkedIn at the top of your marketing funnel. Just to give you an example of how easy it is, I recently just responded with a thank you for wishing me happy birthday on LinkedIn and got 3 optins in just a few hours.

build a list

You Can Build A List Of 1k Subscribers Which Will Yield You A 6 Figure Per Year Business All Generated From LinkedIn In Approximately 90 Days Here's How…

I read an article by Tim Ferris talking about you only need 1k fans to have a 100k per year income. Then it hit me, of course! Back in the day when Mike and I were building ConnectDingo, we made more than 100k with a list smaller than 1k.

Because I am a big proponent of LinkedIn and we show people all the time how to generate appointments from LinkedIn, what about putting the people we connect and communicate and network with on LinkedIn into our list (permission based of course. We ask them if they would like our value packed free lead magnet offer).

 Basically here's what to do: As you connect with people on LinkedIn, engage, network, write messages back and forth in an effort to make meaningful connections (meaningful to both parties by the way),  simply invite them to download or checkout your offer. A sample message would go like this:


Thanks for accepting my connection request. Always great to meet new people and network in a meaningful way. Please let me know how I can help or assist in anyway. In the meantime, I would like to add value and the only way I know how is to know what you do and what you are looking for so I can help be your eyes and ears and be on the lookout for that. If you think it would be beneficial to just have a chat no hidden motive, just to expand our networks in the event we would add value now or in the future, let me know-



or you could do a p.s. at the end of that message. The message would stay the same, the p.s. would look like this:

p.s. By the way, I recently created a LinkedIn marketing blueprint that has been getting great feedback. I also have other business resources that are downloadable as well. If you feel it may be helpful to you or someone you know, would you be so kind to check them out? You can go to my site to peruse all the resources to see if any could be something you might find useful. Here is the link just in case:


If you followed up with all messages with a call to action for them to download your lead magnet, your marketing automation system would be able to follow up and you would have optins like crazy.

How do I know that this works? Because I have done it. Not even that aggressive, and we had thousands opt into our free training over at ConnectDingo in a period of several months AND we were not promoting it in our messages.  

Let's look at the numbers on how this typically works:

out of those that opt in, you will get about 2-3% as an actual client. Let's say it took you 2 months to build your list to 500 (that is very achievable).

You offer a service for $500 per month.

Through your marketing automation follow up funnel (my book appointments funnel) you will get average 3% signed up as clients.

3% of 500 = 15

15 clients x 500 = $7500.

But let's say it failed miserably and you were only able to build your list to half that. You would still make $3750 per month in recurring revenue.

This is real and totally possible.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a guarantee and of course depends on you, your work ethic, your offer, your funnel, etc. These numbers are very realistic IF you do the work.

Bottom line: Do this and you will have a 6 figure per year business. Check out my video where I break the entire process down:

As you can see, with some planning- You can build a list that will get you to 100k per year in earnings

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