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How You Can Sign Up For A FREE Online Calendar So That You Can Not Only Maximize Your Time, But Appear More Professional To Your Prospects

If you are like me and basically live and die by your calendar, you can relate and know how important it is to use an online scheduler so that you don't waste time going back and forth when someone (such as a prospect or lead) actually wants to meet with you.

Personally, it is enough work to get a prospect to see enough value in what you are doing to meet with you.  When we have a lead or prospect that does want to meet with you, I highly recommend that you make it as easy for them to meet with you as possible.

This is where online scheduling platforms come in. Your prospect can select a time in their time zone, and it will put it on your calendar in your time zone and their calendar in their time zone. Makes things really easy.

Not only that, but I have scheduled meetings before without a calendar link and for me it typically took about 5-6 additional back and forth messages when a single message with my booking page link would do.

FREE Online Calendar

Full disclosure here, I do use Scheduleonce as my online calendar scheduler. I use it because ConnectDingo has a corporate account with all of our sales reps using  Scheduleonce.

Scheduleonce is really robust, has API integration, but is also very expensive for a calendar solution. Even though they have a solution for about $9.00 per month for the basic, we had found that we really needed the professional level service at $19.00 per month. Scheduleonce is really a gold standard calendar and booking platform. Like I said, I use it because we already have a corporate account. If we didn't have a corporate account, I would sign up for Calendly is easy, inexpensive, they have a free version you can sign up for and use indefinitely, and it is really easy to set up, and configure.

That's the main reason I recommend I can tell you that my VAs were using, I had them sign up for a free account for screen shares, and technical support assistance where they needed to assist some of my clients/customers.

Calendly's professional plan is the same price as Scheduleones' basic plan and as previously mentioned, you can have a free Calendly calendar indefinitely.

I have included instructions for how to create a free Calendly account and use it to book online meetings:

Step 1: Go to Calendly

Step 2: Enter Your Email and Click Sign Up.

Step 3: You have 2 choices whether to Sign Up with Google (the easiest way) or to create an account with a password. We will keep things simple and sign up with Google.

Step 4: Click Allow and you will be redirected to Calendly Intro Settings

Step 5: You may edit your Calendly Link, Select your current Time Zone, and Select the preferred language for your Calendly Meetings then Click Next.

Step 6: You will be redirected to your Dashboard and from there you may now create Event Types and Meetings.

I like to create different event types to cover different meeting times. For example I have 3 event types for ConnectDingo: 15 minute quick chat, 30 minute meeting, and a 60 minute meeting.

This gives the person I am making an appointment with different choices for the time they need. If it is someone I am meeting with, I will typically set up a 15 minute initial discovery call/initial chat.

Once you have signed up and configured your free Calendly account, you will want to link your zoom meetings with Calendly so that when someone books a meeting with you, they get the zoom link and it gets auto-populated on yours and their calendar in one fell swoop.

For instructions on how to sign up and configure a free zoom account, click here.

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