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Easy Method for How to Get Leads from LinkedIn

I have witnessed people absolutely kill it on LinkedIn, their businesses reach new heights, they grow more confident, they put together bigger and more deals, I could go on and on.

With seeing people time and time again generate tons of business from LinkedIn, what are some of the common elements? I mean what are some of the things people do to achieve that level of success rather quickly?

Here is what I see - Look at this as a true recipe for success. These are the fundamental truths of LinkedIn we hold dear:

  • The people that achieve success on LinkedIn actually engage and build relationships on LinkedIn.
  • Building relationships seems to work exceptionally well.
  • It's extremely important to first determine who your target market is, what is their job title, how do they refer to themselves on LinkedIn.
  • You must have a profile that is well written and complete, well optimized, and speaks to your target audience. Similar to a website, when someone lands on your profile, why would they want to connect and network with you?
  • Your messaging needs to be in sync with your target audience AND your profile. 
Get Leads from LinkedIn
  • You must be active daily and consistently on LinkedIn
  • You must be purposeful in connecting and messaging - not just being nice, but adding value, and if there is a match with what you have to offer and what they do, then it's perfectly acceptable to ask for a meeting when it makes sense to do so.
  • Have a process in place. A lot of people have a scheduler or online calendar to make it easy to have meetings with you.
  • Make sure you know what the purpose of your meeting ( a sales call, discovery call, demo, proposal, sales pitch, etc.).
  • Follow up after the meeting.

Speaking of activity, I often get people asking for numbers. How many messages do I need to send in order to get some business. Here is a good average number of messages and level of activity we have found here at ConnectDingo to be spot on in order to get results:

  • 30-60 Invites daily
  • 100-300 profile views per day
  • 10-30 per day will look back at your profile (50-150 per week)
  • 2-6 per day of those that looked back at your profile will accept a connection request from you ( 10-30 per week)
  • 60-90 accepting your connection requests weekly
  • 50% of the 60-90 engaging 30-45 per week
  • 20% of the 30-45 per week want to talk more
  • 6-9 good leads per week

Now The Key To All Of This Is Consistency-

Consistency is King – the day you miss the routine you will likely miss the prospect of the century (and your competitor will sell to them instead!)

Here is what a suggested daily routine could look like for LinkedIn Lead Generation:

Morning (before you start your business day)

  • Profile Viewing – 30 mins
  • Send 25 Connection Requests – 10 mins
  • Send Connect From Profile View Invites – 10 mins
  • Post some interesting content – 2-5 mins
  • Post an RPM (optional 1-2 times per week)
  • Afternoon (could be late morning or after lunch)
  • Send Welcome Messages – 15 to 20 mins
  • Send Follow-up Messages – 20 to 40 mins
  • Handle all leads / enquiries – 20 to 40 mins

If you follow this plan, it won't be long before you start to see some serious results. I have seen people get results within 24 hours, I have seen people get results within a few days. I would say the norm is a few days to a week with consistent activity. With proper follow up, you should be seeing results within a matter of weeks and I have seen people get business within the first several days. If you follow the plan outlined here in this article, you will start to see success in a week to a few weeks time. 
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